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make 6-7 figures doing less while saving money and enjoying freedom doing what they really LOVE doing.

Want to dive right in and keep customers coming back? I am giving away a 1 FREE exclusive STRATEGY SESSION per month. ($299 value)

Is your Website helping your business?

When we think about a website, we often forget that we can send our customers ANYWHERE on that website. Ensuring that you're getting your audience to the right place makes a huge difference in your business — and your customer's satisfaction. If you think you're not giving enough value or satisfaction to your customer, you might benefit on the strategy call, if you get qualified, you get a free session. ;)

What I can help You help?

Know  Your Product

Feeling stuck with your business goals? Need someone to help you validate your ideas, strategise your plans, launch and sell-out your offers?

Improve  Your UX

Is your website or applications too complicated for your users? Are you struggling to have loyal customers who keeps on buying from you and even promotes you?

Build Your Presence

You have a website but seems like you're not getting any value from it. Do you want a traffic that's not just leaving after 2 sec they visit your website?

Grow  Your Business

You might be getting a traffic and website visitors but feels like it isn't enough? Or maybe you are struggling to find quality audience that really converts and buy from your products or services?

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learnings.” ~Don Norman

Glad I already made a thousand. ;)

Do you want to pursue a career in UX?

You might benefit from a mentorship program in UX - whether you are switching fields from another to UX; or maybe you are a solo UX designer in your company; or a freelancer who wants to have a community; or you might be an experienced UX Designer but want to take a new challenge...

Are You looking for someone to help you validate your business idea? Or you might want to have a business but don't know how to start?

It's the Product Manager's role to help you design your business goals and align it with your customer's needs. I can help you with your business from idea to launch and sell out your offers. ;)

What Others Say


Kat did a great job, she has pretty good programming knowledge, which was great for what our job required. We had to launch a ton of sites and she did an awesome job with little to no problems.

Scott Moses 

Founder  / Cheeky Apps


She's really fast and efficient and still deliver high quality results. I recommend her in Website Development, UX Design Expertise and FB Ads.


Co-founder / YanRye Media Inc.


Kathreen is an skilled and proficient in her areas of expertise. I needed tasks concerning the LMS configuration and set-up, which she has completed in a timely manner & accurately.

Tarek Mollah / Ray Pierre

Founder  / LMTce

Kat Hervera

I help online business owners, coaches and solopreneurs launch and sell-out their offers using a proven 5 step-by-step tested solutions.

I am a BS Nursing by degree, and my super powers is to make complicated stuff simple (yet powerful) and fun.

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